Vacation Romania - Why should we take our vacation in the country?


"I traveled a lot to understand that where I was born is the most beautiful place in the world." - Valeriu Butulescu - "Existential scavenger"

Leave Romania – You don't have to go to the other side of the world to travel

As I said in the article related to the vacation spot chosen by Romanians this summer, there are many families who prefer not to take a COVID test or get vaccinated, and then the easiest thing is to go to our country, but there are also many people who completely ignore the country they live in when planning their trips and do not I take into account how many beautiful places there are to visit "at home".

Here are some reasons why we should consider exploring our own country!

The benefits of vacation in your own country

You can help reduce pollution

Depending on how big your country is and how far you intend to travel, you can completely forgo the need to travel by plane. Your trips will have a much smaller impact on the environment if you travel by train to reach your destination. You will also have a more pleasant trip, being able to admire a landscape, while from the plane you will only see clouds out the window.

You will see your country with different eyes

If you spend time traveling in your own country, you will begin to appreciate your homeland more. You will discover beautiful landscapes and interesting cities that surround you. You will realize why foreign tourists choose to visit your country at the expense of other countries that you may, at the moment, consider more worthy of visiting.

You will learn more about the people and culture of the country

One of the main attractions of traveling is discovering and understanding culture, but sometimes you have to look a little closer to home.

Do you know everything about the heritage and history of your own country? If not, you will be impressed by how many interesting things you will discover! Plan some trips to cultural centers, historical landmarks or museums to gain new knowledge about your own heritage.

You can plan several trips

You may not have time to travel to faraway destinations every month, but it will be much easier to plan more overnight trips or weekend getaways closer to home.

 Exploring your own country is perfect for people who have a higher workload and don't have much time to travel.

It's also easier to plan a last-minute getaway. You could visit your friends who live in another city or you could spend your time in a quiet cottage, far from the noise of the city.

You will save money

It is much more affordable to simply jump in the car and drive to the nearest tourist destination than to book expensive flights months in advance.

You could even waive the accommodation costs by planning your trips in the country considering the possibility to spend the night in the houses of relatives or friends who live in different areas of the country, maintaining, on this occasion, family or friendship ties more closely linked .

Less stress regarding the language

You won't have to struggle with translation or bilingual dictionaries when you vacation in your own country, everything from traveling to reading menus to booking a room will be much easier. You will get rid of the stress of the foreign language and, thus, you will have a much more relaxing holiday, knowing that you do not need to perfect your language skills before booking your trip.

Easier travel

If you have a car, you can simply drive to your destination and enjoy the ease of exploring without having to rent a car or research local public transport routes. And if you prefer traveling by train or other means, you will already know how the transport system works.

Contribute to the economy and the development of tourism in Romania

By choosing an area of the country as your vacation destination, you will help the country's economy by circulating the money intended for the vacation in the country and favor local tourism, which has been hit hard by the pandemic.

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