Thinking about vacation. Where do Romanians choose to go this summer?


Summer vacation 2021

A much more relaxed summer is coming than the previous one, but still things will happen gradually, step by step. This relaxation, fortunately, encourages both local and foreign tourism, which had an extremely difficult year. Obviously, people have a great desire to travel and with the opening of foreign destinations, especially Greece, a favorite destination of Romanians with all the islands; Corfu, Thasos, Lefkada, Crete, the offers are already prepared.

There are destinations that you can reach quite easily by charter or even by car, especially preferred by families with children, and which are for all budgets.

Where do we have fun? What holiday destinations do the specialists recommend?

Bulgaria – in the past years it was one of the countries visited a lot in the summer by Romanians with a large family due to the fact that it is very close but also because of the good prices compared to the quality offered. It seems, however, that this year the Bulgarians' competition is the Romanian coast itself.

Greece - the relaxation rules adopted by the Greeks, convinced the Romanians to travel the approximately 600 km to the Greek coast, which also has very attractive offers this summer.

Turkey – for years in a row, the Turks were in first place when it comes to vacations. And rightly so, for a family with children but not only, Turkey knows what to offer for everyone. It is relatively close, it is easy to reach with a charter from all the main cities of Romania, and through the Ultra All Inclusive offers, they manage to attract tourists eager to relax from all over the world.

Romania – As I said, the biggest competition for the Bulgarians this year is Romania. Because there are many families who prefer not to take a Covid test or get vaccinated, and then the easiest thing is to go to our school, but also because last year when there were a lot of restrictions, it was a great success.

What can we visit in Romania?

Approximately 70% of the Romanians choose to visit Romania itself, whether we are talking about coast, mountain areas or even religious places such as a tour of the beautiful monasteries. There are extremely beautiful areas in our country, areas that you rarely find in other countries.

Craiului Stone it is a very often visited area, which offers a superb landscape. Also Maramures, Bucovina, are special places both in terms of landscape and cuisine.

These are classic destinations but worth returning to again and again because here you find yourself with tradition and nature.

dwhat should we do concedi in Romania?

When you want to leave the country, first of all you must carefully follow the information coming from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs because things can change from one day to the next regarding the travel restrictions, there is still no certainty that the rules of yesterday also applies today. You must obviously have a passport or, as the case may be, a valid bulletin, a visa if necessary, a recent COVID test, proof of vaccination or proof that you have had the disease in the last 90 days. And of course, good will and the mood for fun should not be missing.

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