Zakynthos and Kefalonia Travel Guide! What to visit


Kalimera! Greece is always a good choice for a summer holiday because you can't go wrong. I chose the island of Zakynthos for seven days, and in one of them I also crossed by ferry to Kefalonia, in June. I wanted an active vacation where I could explore every corner of the island and enjoy the blue shades of the sea. The place is worth seeing, so below I leave you some tips for a successful vacation and places to visit.  

Transport – Rent a car  

The cost starts from 30 euros/day for a car with 4 seats. The easiest is to rent on the spot, vis a vis the airport, for example, there are numerous offices where you can negotiate with people. Most will give you a good price if you pay cash. For example, they didn't ask me for a guarantee. The price for a liter of petrol is 2 euros. Parking is easy to find anywhere and is free.  

Now that we've solved the transportation problem, here's what you can do on the island and what sights to visit in Zakynthos. 

Visit Navagio Beach

Navagio Beach – yes, it is the most famous tourist attraction of the island and it really deserves its distinction. You can't sunbathe here because access is prohibited this summer due to rock falls, but you can enjoy the beauty of the place in two ways.

There are three viewpoints that offer you a spectacular view of the beach. The first is set up with a railing and there is always a queue there. But, from his right, a short path starts that leads you to a another place where you can see the beach from above. I liked it better here because it was freer.

On the other side you don't have time to linger for more than a few seconds because everyone waiting in line is waiting for you to vacate the seat as soon as possible. You can also reach above the beach, following another route, longer, but steeper, and from here you can see the wreck best. The second way is to choose a boat trip and that way you will get very close to the sand and you can swim. It costs 25 euros/person. The water is a spectacular blue, it really seems unreal! 

Go to Marathonisi Island

Also known as Turtle Island, it can only be reached by boat. Here we chose to rent a boat because we were with a group of friends, but there are also guided tours. The boat cost 40 euros/person for 4 hours. And here you can negotiate the price if you pay in cash. We went straight to the beach and rented on the spot.

It's an experience worth living, and with a little luck you can even see the turtles. It is important to take into account the indications because there are also protected areas around where access by boat is prohibited. 

Admire the famous Cameo Island curtains

The famous curtains on Cameo Island, a little island paradise. The charm of the place is given by the bridge over the water that takes you to the small island and the white curtains fluttering in the sun against the blue background of the water.

The entrance costs 5 euros and with this money you also get a keychain - they will take a picture of you and after 30 minutes you can pick up the souvenir. Here I found some tables and chairs where you can sit and enjoy the view. 

Spend a day in Porto Limnionas

Porto Limnionas – a small bay surrounded by rocks with turquoise water. It's good to get here as early as possible to grab a free sunbed. I paid 15 euros for two sunbeds with an umbrella and the rule is to eat at their restaurant.

The water is incredibly clear, so take a snorkel mask with you. I saw many fishermen here. You can also scuba dive and it costs 60 euros for an hour. Here I also recommend the stand up paddle experience, which relaxes you completely and you can get close to the caves. It's really interesting. It costs 10 euros for 30 minutes.  

Explore the island by ATV too 

Explore the island by ATV too – it has a special charm. I practically circled the island in one day and I was amazed by the view that every corner of the island offers you. Whether you're walking by the water, or you're on the hill and you have a spectacular view. It cost 50 euros/day, and I only used 15 euros of fuel and it was enough.

The advantage is that you can easily stop anywhere and along the route you can discover beautiful beaches. E.g, Filippoi Beach or Plakaki Beach, a wild beach, which you can reach after a rocky path of about 10 minutes, on foot. Here, the high rock walls will literally fascinate you, and if you want to swim, you go down among the huge stones directly into the water. You have to use water shoes here, as in almost all places because of the rocks. It's also an ideal place for sunset! 

Day trip to Kefalonia

Kefalonia Day Trip – or the icing on the cake of the holiday. You will not regret! The ferry ticket can only be bought physically from travel agencies, not online. I came here: on Lomvardou street no. 8 and purchased in a few minutes. It costs 20 euros/person, round trip, and departs from the port of Agios Nikolaos at 9.45 every day. The return is at 18:00 and takes 1 hour and 30 minutes from the port of Pessada. Enough time to visit two great sights. I rented a car here to make it easier. It cost 50 euros and the people from the agency brought the car to the port so that after getting off the ferry I could leave directly by car.

The road takes you through hills with lush forests and cliffs where black goats linger. The first stop was at Myrthos Beach, and the place is hard to describe in words. The color of the water is an unreal blue, like in the Maldives, and contrasts with the white stones on the beach and the huge rocks. Here you really feel like you've discovered paradise. For almost two hours I admired the play of the waves without interruption and I wished I could have stayed there. The second stop was at Melissani Cave and the place must be ticked. The ticket costs 8 euros and includes a boat ride inside a unique cave whose ceiling collapsed thousands of years ago. The water is a spectacular turquoise. On the way back, from the ferry, we also admired the famous Blue Caves. 

Other useful tips

  • use water slippers
  • use sunscreen (the sun is very strong)
  • eat at family taverns – the food is delicious. Try all kinds of feta cheese that the Greeks cook, in the oven, on the grill or seed and honey pie, as well as gyros or seafood. The price for a main dish is around 10 euros, and for a beer 4 or 5 euros. 
  • also visit an olive oil press – the locals are very friendly and will let you taste local products. 


Accommodation recommendation: Filoxenia Studios & Apartments. We stayed here and were very satisfied, and the host helped us with advice and tips. 

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